Hallmarks of Skin Cancer

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Started:  April 2015 

we offer 
8 MD fellowships
(1 year; € 735/m) 

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Industrial Visit: Labor Limbach (http://www.labor-limbach.de/)

When: 23.03.2018, 8.30 am- 2.00 pm.

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Research Training Group (RTG) / Graduiertenkolleg (GRK) 2099

“Hallmarks of Skin Cancer” focuses on addressing burning scientific questions in skin cancer biology and dermato-oncology. The educational program is aimed at attracting young scientists to a hitherto under-developed field of research and to enable them to later develop their own research agenda in the field. The RTG will perform high quality research projects and train PhD and MD students to work closely together to fight skin cancer. The RTG will achieve its goals by combining basic science and clinical education with a focus on targetable hallmarks of skin cancer. The RTG comprises 13 projects from various disciplines in dermato-oncology and the life sciences. Research will be jointly conducted by German and British principle investigators based in Heidelberg/Mannheim and London and by PhD and MD students from all over the world. Our graduate students will thus be part of internationally competitive scientific and educational consortium during their formative training years and develop an international perspective and the attitude required for performing cutting edge basic and clinical research.